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How to Sell a Book (Preview Edition)

How to Sell a Book (Preview Edition)

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I started writing a blog post about everything I've learned selling 100,000 self-published books. I'm nearly 25,000 words in, so I guess I'm writing a book instead! 

Immediately on purchase of this special Preview Edition, you'll receive:

  • Part 1: Taming randomness, Assessing the market of a book idea, and Writing titles that sell (~5,700 words)
  • Part 2: Book covers; Testing titles, subtitles, and covers; Interior design; Sales blurbs (~4,500 words)
  • Part 3: Samples that sell, Reader reviews, Reader blurbs, Editorial reviews, Avoiding scams, Forewords (~4,500 words)
  • Part 4: Build the audience as you build your book, Part 1 (Email marketing, Social media) (~4,400 words)

Here is the release schedule for the rest of the Preview Edition:

  • (Week of June 17th) Part 5: Build the audience as you build your book, Part 2 (SEO, Having a podcast) (~3,500 words)
  • (Week of June 24th) Part 6: Advertising (~6,600 words)
  • (Week of July 1st) Part 7: TBD (Likely: Pricing and Pricing promotions) (~5,000 words)
  • (Week of July 8th) Part 8: TBD (Likely: Influencer Marketing, Selling wide, and Selling direct (~5,000 words)
  • (Week of July 15th) Part 9: TBD (Likely: "Launches," Best-seller lists, foreign-rights, Marketing tactics) (~5,000 words)

Each Part will be delivered to your email address when it becomes available, and include a link to a Google Doc on which you can ask questions about the text, and provide feedback.

You'll also receive the First Edition ebook. This likely won't be available to the public until late July or early August, so this is your chance to get early access to this information, and ask questions that will shape the book.

Thanks for helping me sell 100,000 self-published books, and for being a part of this new book!

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